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As a recognized travel brand, would you not love for your own brand and marketing materials to be present “in-destination” projecting your image thousands of kilometers or miles from your own office. Would you also love to have your own local telephone number and guest support number answered in your own company name ?


We understand that in todays competitive market, you need to stand out and your brand needs to be present as much as possible. For that reason, and for our top partners, Arabian Lux offers a full range of Virtual DMC services which include, among others:


  • Your own branding in the airport
  • Your own material in the transportation
  • Welcome notes in the hotels with your branding
  • Welcome amenities in your name and with your logo
  • A local telephone number and address which is assigned to your company and answered in your name
  • and much more..



  • Your Branding In Destination
  • Your Client / Our Guests sees your company logo
  • Amenities and additions come from your company
  • Support and Service numbers answered in your company name
  • Your brand is extended through to all our destinations
  • Your clients / our guests remain your guests
  • We make you look great