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At Arabian Lux, we understand that the most important part of any trip is the provision of top class services and experience during the guests stay. However, we also realize that there is a lot to be done before as well as after the guest leaves, and we have a full range of services to make that trip absolutely memorable.


We breakdown our In-Destination Support into 3 categories – PRE / TRIP / POST and each phase has its own processes and services that must be fulfilled by the team.


In the PRE phase, we do T-30, T-7 and T-1 checks on all itineraries, we reconfirm the guests tastes with the hotels and suppliers, and we can even physically check the rooms and transportation allocated.


In the TRIP phase, we are constantly in contact with the guest, guide, driver and hotel to make sure that everything is going perfectly. We also check external factors such as traffic, weather and occupancy levels to make sure that we can adjust for any circumstances. Whether the guest wants to make changes or additions, we are there 24/7.


In the POST phase, we examine any lessons learned and we follow up with our travel partner with any necessary reports or information. Of course, if the guest forgot anything from a souvenir to a t-shirt, we can assist with its retrieval and sending.



  • Full Service Pre/During and Post Trip
  • Multiple re-checking of itineraries
  • Physical checks of rooms and transport
  • 24 hour concierge service during the trip
  • Your clients/our guests’s trip goes perfectly
  • Our guests have an experience beyond expectation
  • We make you look great