Welcome Note from our CEO

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Welcome to Arabian Lux !


I am tremendously proud to present our company which is the fulfillment of a long standing dream and the result of my and my team’s passion for our destinations.


Personally, I have been connected to this region for almost 20 years having helped open it up to the North and Latin American markets even before there were direct flights. The progress that I have witnessed has been nothing short of spectacular and even before living “in destination”, every month, my eyes opened with awe each time I came in to land at Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Doha or Muscat.


I remember my first trips to New York, Sao Paulo and Mexico City in the early 2000s promoting the destinations and people first had to find them on the map and then looked at me in disbelief when I told them about the plans that were falling in to place. “No way”, “it will never happen”, “pie in the sky” were the comments I used to get. But now look at us – look at what has been done and what is coming in the next years. The plans of the regional nations are strong and at Arabian Lux, we are proud to support them and be part of them.


As we all know, 2020 has not been an easy year for anyone and 2021 will take its time, so people ask me “why launch a travel brand now?”. The reason stems back from my decision to take a different route back in late 2019 (pre-covid) and get involved in launching tourism in Saudi Arabia. It was super interesting and very challenging building tourism from the ground up, but once the UAE and Maldives opened up in late June of 2020, my global luxury and experiential partners started contacting me asking for assistance, advice and support. This grew and grew to a point where it was no longer manageable on a part time basis and I took the decision to embark on this amazing journey. My team followed me quickly and we have added new members, training them exactly to the levels needed to serve the best in the world, and the most demanding of guests. Supplier partners also have understood our vision and have supported us tremendously through our startup and acceleration phases.


Arabian Lux is a boutique regional brand with its own services in 7 countries, all connected but each with its own attraction, idiosyncrasies and challenges. We choose and vet the suppliers we want to work with, and we only serve the very best global partners. We are all about tailormade and bespoke travel, having in depth local knowledge and having picked our path very carefully to deliver only the very best experiences and itineraries across our destinations.


Arabian Lux is disruptive in todays travel industry as it returns to the traditional model of high quality service, curated itineraries and deep partnerships on a global basis. But behind this supreme human service is state of the art technology allowing us to track every piece of the itinerary in real time, and to respond to any changes or challenges if need be.


Having sat on your side of the table, we understand your way of working, and will make sure that our ways blend perfectly.


Pure Arabian Excellence




Chief Experience Officer